Stitch Fix Review - May 2019

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For the last few months, I’ve asked my Stitch Fix stylist to send me items that match each month’s theme. (For example, January was Magic Month. I requested items that made me feel like a young Professor Trelawney.)

This month, however, is different.

I’m skipping out on Food Month for a day because (drum roll!) we’re going to Hawaii!

I asked my stylist, Kristin, to send me some breezy beach dresses and a pair of sandals that I could take on the trip.

(Confused about Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription box service. How does it work? You sign on to their website, fill out a questionnaire regarding your wardrobe wants and needs, a stylist chooses 5 items for you, and they're shipped to your front door. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you purchase. Interested? Check out my referral link here and get $25 off your first fix!)

Let’s open the box!



ITEM #1: MADEWELL Dixie Smocked Dress

THOUGHTS: I anticipated loving this dress. I didn’t. I didn’t hate it. I was underwhelmed.

If the pattern was brighter or more saturated or more interesting, and if the straps were shorter, I would have been more enthused about it.




ITEM #2: THML Lark Embroidered Detail Dress

THOUGHTS: Oof, this was a miss. The dress was shapeless, had HUGE armpit holes, and was very, very, wrinkly. I steamed it before taking pictures, put it on, bent forward slightly, and when I straightened up the whole bottom half had wrinkled. Plus, the style felt dated. I would have loved this dress in high school, but not today.




ITEM #3: VIOLET & RED Pippa Laser Cut Suede Sandal

THOUGHTS: These are not my style. Plus, with the combination of the laser cut detail and the suede, I can only imagine the nightmare they’d be on the beach. I’d never get all of the sand out!




ITEM #4: LOVEAPPELLA Torri Knit Maxi Dress

THOUGHTS: I abstain from stretchy jersey maxi dresses and skirts. They always cling. There’s never enough structure. They somehow always attach themselves to anything I walk past.

This dress is all of that, but worse. On the website, it appears to be a soft yellow. In person, it’s the color of hot dog mustard. Horrible.

VERDICT: Return.



ITEM #5: GAL MEETS GLAM COLLECTION Etta Cotton Cropped Jumpsuit

THOUGHTS: Now, here’s where it get’s interesting.

I was positive that I’d hate this jumpsuit. Jumpsuits notoriously never fit me. Never, ever. But this one… it fit! And it fit well! And while I initially hated the delicate purple floral print, once it was on, I wanted to play around with what I could pair it with. The material is cotton, and breezy, and pretty wrinkle-proof.

VERDICT: HELP ME DECIDE! Do I keep the jumpsuit? I’m worried that my perception is skewed because it fits and a jumpsuit has never fit me correctly before. Am I crazy for liking it? Please, please, let me know what you think!



This Fix, overall, wasn’t my favorite. Many of the items felt dated, or frumpy, or underwhelming.

And then there’s that jumpsuit. I just can’t get it out of my head! Do I keep it?! Please, leave me a comment below and help me decide!

I’ll be back on Wednesday talking about (and dressing like) one of my favorite foods.

Until then, come say hello on Instagram and Twitter!