New Year, New Costume Parade! It's Magic Month!

Who says Ms. Frizzle gets to have all the fun?

Who says Ms. Frizzle gets to have all the fun?


For many people, January is about pragmatism. Goals are set, lists are made, and diets are started. And while I love resolutions, lists, and most vegetables, for me, the new year represents something less tangible.

For me, the new year is magical. It’s a time where, collectively, we sit and wonder and plan and build for the year ahead. January is full of grey days and dry skin, but it’s also full of hope. Hope for change, and growth, and learning, and, to me, that’s magic.

So, with all of that in mind, I dub January the Month of Magic!

What does that mean, exactly? In 2019, every month here at Costume Parade will have a theme. I’ll be breaking fashion rules, experimenting, researching and sharing, all around that month’s idea. The original lab-style posts will continue, but I'll add more variety in content, too. (Check out the Glossary for a guide to blog post categories, here.)

I spent a year breaking fashion rules, and it was liberating! I discovered that when I wear clothes that align with what I like, and am inspired by, and feel fancy and free in, my life is better and I’m better in it. My goal for 2019 is to see how much bigger that liberation can get.

So, let’s keep breaking rules, whether they be fashion or otherwise. Let’s celebrate rule-breakers, and against-the-grain-goers, and glass-ceiling-shatterers. Let’s embrace fashion as art, and see where we can find new inspiration for what we cover ourselves in.

I’m so excited for 2019, monthly themes, and continuing this experiment. I hope you’ll join me!

What magic are you planning for the year ahead?