My First Fashom Review - How Does it Match Up to Stitch Fix?


I’m a sucker for subscription boxes.

With a love of mail, surprises, and shopping, I’ve yet to come across a box service I haven’t enjoyed. That’s why, when I received an invitation to review Fashom, a fashion subscription box a la Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, I was quite excited.

Comparatively, Fashom is closest to Stitch Fix: both send 5 items that have been hand-selected by a stylist to your front door. There are, however, a few key differences:

  • PRICE - Fashom is cheaper. The stylist fee is $15 (versus Stitch Fix’s $20), and while Stitch Fix offers a 25% discount with a purchase of all 5 items, Fashom offers that discount with a purchase of 3 or 4 items. With a purchase of all 5 items, Fashom’s discount is 30%. The items I received in my Fashom box were also generally cheaper than those I receive from Stitch Fix.

  • CHOICE - While Stitch Fix stylists choose 5 items for each box, Fashom stylists choose 9. Then, the subscriber logs on and chooses which 5 of the 9 items they’d like to have sent. I particularly enjoyed this feature.

  • BRANDS - When Stitch Fix began, they carried many one-of-a-kind brands - brands that were unique to their service. As they’ve grown, they’ve branched out into more mainstream and luxury brands. (They now carry Madewell, Kate Spade, Vince, etc.) Fashom is a younger service, and like Stitch Fix before them, carry many smaller, lesser known brands. When I started Stitch Fix many, many, moons ago, I appreciated the rarity (well, “rarity”) of the items. If you’re interested in wearing unique pieces that aren’t readily available, Fashom could be a good option.

  • EXPERIENCE - The online experience with Fashom is more barebones than Stitch Fix. This isn’t surprising. Stitch Fix was founded in 2011. They’re now a publicly traded company. Alternatively, Fashom’s subscription service launched at the end of 2017. It’s clear that they’re a smaller team still working out some kinks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all your subscription box needs won’t be met, but don’t expect the website bells and whistles of Stitch Fix.

  • QUALITY - If you’ve read my recent Stitch Fix Reviews, you know that I can be a stickler about material. I really hate polyester. (Why do we tolerate it?! It itches! It makes everyone smell weird!) The majority of the items I received in my Fashom box were all polyester or other man-made materials. Because of the price point (per Fashom, their average price per item is roughly $35), I would assume that many of the items available are constructed with man-made fabrics. However, and to be fair, I didn’t specify that I dislike polyester, and I’m curious what I’d receive if I requested natural materials.

With all of that said, let’s open that box!

(Disclaimer! I did receive store credit in exchange for this review. However, all of the thoughts I’ve shared here are entirely my own.)



ITEM #1: GILLI Sleeveless Jumpsuit - $48.00

THOUGHTS: I liked the pattern of this jumpsuit, but it is very, very, long. Though the pattern in the photo hides it, it also is gathered in a way around the waist that creates a constant frame around the crotch area. That, along with the length and the material (polyester) would keep me from wearing this.




ITEM #2: VERY J Wide Legged Pants - $42.00

THOUGHTS: I loved the color and style of these pants. However, they fit me around the waist but struggled to contain my lower half, so back they go.




ITEM #3: WILD HONEY Leave Print Kimono - $37.00

THOUGHTS: I was ambivalent about this. I wasn’t offended by it, but I wasn’t in love. It was also oddly warm, so it, too, was a return.




ITEM #4: MITTOSHOP Leopard Tie Side Mini Flare Woven Skirt - $43.00

THOUGHTS: I thought this skirt was super cute, but was disappointed by the quality. It was made of a scratchy, scratchy polyester. I’m trying to buy items that will last me more than a few washes, and I don’t think this skirt would. (It was a bit big, too.)




ITEM #5: GILLI Woven Spaghetti Strap Fit and Flare Midi Dress - $42.00

THOUGHTS: Just out of the box, I was worried that this dress wouldn’t have enough structure to flatter me. Once it was on, I was proven wrong! I loved this dress! It has adjustable straps (necessary for my short torso!), and a shirred back. I also loved the buttons that went down the front of the skirt. It photographed blue, but in person it’s an emerald green - my favorite color!

VERDICT: Kept! I think this will be a great option for our upcoming Hawaii trip.



Overall, I think I’d try Fashom again. I enjoyed getting to choose the five items that were sent to me. I’m curious what I’d receive if I requested natural fabrics. Plus, Fashom donates $1 of every box sold to NYC Second Chance Pet Rescue!

Are you curious about Fashom? Test it out with my referral link (click here!) and receive $10 in credit and your first styling fee waived.

What did you think of my Fashom box? Would you be interested in reading a second Fashom review? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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