It's Food Month!


There’s a short wall that separates our kitchen from our living room. It’s not long enough for a bar cart. It’d be an uncomfortable place for a chair. So, instead, that peculiar little wall has become a gallery.

In this gallery, we’ve displayed photos of ourselves and those closest to us. Every photo has one thing in common: each person has a plate of food in front of them. We call this our “food wall.”

Our food wall was initially crafted because we thought it was funny, and what better place for photos with food than next to the kitchen? But, truly, that wall is an accurate description of us. Both Christian and I really enjoy sitting in front of a good plate of food. We cook at home often, love to experiment with new recipes, and test out new restaurants perhaps more than we should.

So, in honor of our love for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (my favorite!), May is FOOD MONTH! I’ll be breaking fashion rules, experimenting, researching and sharing about food all month!

But, wait, there’s more!

Christian will be joining in on the fun, too. Expect a few guest posts from him sharing his own foodie thoughts!

With a new month comes an update to the Costume Parade shop, as well! I’ve added some brand new rule-breaking pieces for the sunny days ahead. (I went a bit overboard. There’s plenty of good stuff out right now - including some fancy food prints!) Click here to shop along with me.

How does food influence the way you dress? Do you dress differently for a picnic than a fancy dinner? What about brunch versus lunch? A BBQ versus afternoon tea? I’d love to hear how food impacts your wardrobe, and what you’d like to read this month. Drop me a comment below - you know I love to chat!

I’ll be back on Sunday with a Stitch Fix Review. Until then, I’ll be sharing loads of food and fashion related content on Instagram and Twitter.