Stitch Fix Review - June 2018


Lately, Stitch Fix and I haven't been humming the same tune.

To be fair, a chunk of this is my fault. My notes for my stylist have been a bit lackluster or vague. My Pinterest board is in desperate need of an update. And, because of this experiment, my "style" is in constant flux. Items that I would have liked a few months ago now no longer have the same appeal. 

That being said, quality-wise, this fix was the worst I have received. 

(Confused? Here's the run down on Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription box service. You sign on to their website, fill out a questionnaire regarding your wardrobe wants and needs, and a stylist chooses 5 items for you and they're shipped to your front door. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you purchase. Interested? Check out my referral link here and get your first styling fee waived!)

Let's do this.


ITEM: Q&A Kenmara Embroidery Detail Blouse, Size S

THOUGHTS: From afar, the floral embroidery on this top is lovely. Up close, it was covered in long, loose threads. The camisole layer was ill-fitting and scratchy polyester. Either I received a dud, or this is entirely overpriced at $64.

VERDICT: Return!


ITEM: Alexandra Jordan Mikayla Bell Sleeve Top, Size S

THOUGHTS: Gingham can be tricky. In my stylist note, I requested large gingham print. I think the blown up version is really fun (click here for an example), but small gingham isn't my jam. If it's not just the right size and just the right shape, it looks like a picnic blanket DIY project gone wrong. In my eyes, this shirt fell into the DIY disaster category. And, even worse, the material event felt like a picnic blanket!

VERDICT: Return.


ITEM: Just Black Gino Front Seam Flared Capri Jean, Size 4

THOUGHTS: I don't have much to say about these pants. They fit well, but I'm not a big fan of this open front seam trend. 

VERDICT: Return.


ITEM: Sole Society Malina Suede Fringe Pom Slide, Size 8

THOUGHTS: I like these sandals! I've admired them previously on Sole Society's website.

However, the pair I received in my fix looked like they'd gone through a wind tunnel. The fringe was bent and standing up in all directions. Also, oddly, one slide was wrapped up in wrinkled bright orange tissue paper, unlike the usual white that comes with Stitch Fix shoes.

Crazy fringe aside, they do have a cushioned sole, which was nice. In the end, I didn't look for a quality exchange because I already have red sandals and didn't love these enough to have two pairs.

VERDICT: Return.


ITEM: Daniel Rainn Kapri Off the Shoulder Knit Top, Size S

THOUGHTS: The flower print of this top was nice but, again, the quality left a lot to be desired. The shapeless torso and shapeless sleeves made me look shapeless too, and the thin, clingy material stuck to my mid-section. This top also had loose threads. 

VERDICT: Return.

So, there you have it. If I added a sound effect to this Fix it would have been "whomp whooooooooomp". Here's my game plan for a better fix next month:

  1. Be clear and concise in my stylist note. (Though, Stitch Fix, if you're listening, it would be so nice to have more space! Limiting characters sometimes really puts a cramp in my specificity style.)
  2. Update my Pinterest board. I love updating my Pinterest board, so that shouldn't be too hard. 
  3. Request higher quality items. I don't mind paying a bit more for clothing so that it stays together for more than a few wears. 

I'd love to hear what you thought of this fix! Have you had similar experiences with low quality items? How did you improve your subsequent fixes?

Until next time!