In Celebration of Our First Wedding Anniversary, This Month’s Theme Is…

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Almost one year ago, in my wedding vows, I told my husband, Christian, that he would always be my greatest adventure.

We said, “I do!” We kissed. (Hooray!) We ate dinner under a canopy of balloon clouds. We danced and celebrated to Reggaeton, and Soul music, and 90’s Hip Hop with our family and friends.

Then, a few days later, we embarked on our first adventure as a married couple: our honeymoon, a safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

And it really was an adventure. We saw elephants, and lions, and warthogs, and fields of zebra. We slept in tents. We tried every type of African beer available to us. We made new friends. We planted a tree! We drove for two hours on a bumpy, dust cloud of a road to a magical crater that smelled amazing. Then, we spent days sitting on a beach.

It was glorious.


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In celebration of our first year of marriage…

It’s Adventure Month!

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For the month of September, I’ll be breaking fashion rules with ADVENTURE as my inspiration.

Some may think, “Isn’t that the same as Explorer Month?”

No! It’s entirely different.

Explorers set out to discover the unknown. Adventurers set out to find joy.

Today, we’re off on another adventure. In celebration of our first year of marriage, we’re escaping to Paris and Italy!

I considered prewriting loads of blog posts that would self-publish while we were gone… but that felt lame. Instead, I’m taking you with us! I’ve planned Inspired By outfits, rule-breakers, and some things just for fun, and I’ll be sharing it all on Instagram.

Every day, I’ll share my outfit and all of our adventures both in my feed and on stories.

I hope you’ll join me there! I’d love to hear your input, outfit feedback, and any ideas you may have for places we should see! Click here, or use the Instagram link at the bottom of the page, to head over to the Costume Parade Instagram.

Adventure is out there, friends! See you in Europe!



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