3 Outfits Inspired by Quirky Things I Found on Pinterest


In today’s hustler culture, our clothes are expected to earn their keep. They have a job to do. Get us that promotion. Scream “I am qualified!” or “I am powerful!” or “I’m so much better without you!”

Rarely, do we just experiment with our clothes. (There’s no time! They already have a full schedule!)

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to mess around. I’ve wanted to aimlessly make stuff without monetizing it, or impressing anyone with it, or as some ploy to gain followers. I’ve just wanted to play, no strings, no to-do lists, no long-term goals attached.

So, I returned to Pinterest.

Pinterest! Ah! At one point, we were so close. I used to visit Pinterest often, fascinated that I could find ideas for all of my interests in one place. Last week, I rolled through picture after picture, culling and crafting a board full of quirky images that I just simply liked. (See that whole board, here!) I chose 3 pins from that board and made outfits inspired by them.

Below, you’ll see each outfit paired with its inspirational pin. No explanations today, no elaborations on my thought process. It’s all just for fun!

If you like any of the outfits, please drop me a note in the comments. How do you use Pinterest? How do you play with your clothes? Where do you look for inspiration when you want to shake up your look?

PiN 1: Dances with Zebras

zebras color palette.png
IMG_1431 2.jpg

pin 2: the sorbet maker’s Loo

Bathroom 2 Color Palette.png

Pin 3: Poppies! poppies will put them to sleep.

Poppies Color Palette.png