Stitch Fix Review - April 2019


Long before Power Month became Powerless Month, I planned a powerless Stitch Fix.

I can be a bit specific about clothing. (Others might call it picky.)

I plan out my wardrobe per season. I make Pinterest boards and analyze color palettes. I determine silhouettes, and account for holes in my wardrobe. Usually, when I purchase a new piece of clothing, I do it with intention.

My Stitch Fix notes typically outline these plans. I request certain pieces with certain attributes at a certain price point. I don’t make my stylist’s life very easy.

And, if I’m honest, my strict nature about clothes can become a bit… insufferable. Analyzing each dress, or jacket, or pair of shoes before I buy them can really take the fun out of the process.

So, this month, I decided to loosen my grip on specificity. I relinquished all power to my stylist. I told her she could send me whatever she’d like to, and she really hit it out of the park.

(Confused about Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription box service. You sign on to their website, fill out a questionnaire regarding your wardrobe wants and needs, a stylist chooses 5 items for you, and they're shipped to your front door. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you purchase. Interested? Check out my referral link here and get $25 off your first fix!)



ITEM #1: LILLY PULITZER Aviana Maxi Dress

THOUGHTS: I loved the cut of this dress . I loved the adjustable straps, shirred sides and the flowy, floor-length (but not too long) skirt. However, this dress was verging on too big, the chambray stripe and the pink accents were too preppy, and the price tag ($225! AH!) pushed this into the return category.

VERDICT: Returned


ITEM #2: MADEWELL Keniesha Surplice Cotton Knit Top

THOUGHTS: Stitch Fix carries Madewell, now! I was really excited about this top, but once I tried it on, I felt like it looked better on its own than on a person. Though I loved the material and the color, I couldn’t get this to lay right. (And, annoyingly, it photographed far better than it looked in reality!)

VERDICT: Returned (Update! I had returner’s remorse with this one, and ended up buying it from Nordstrom a month or so later.)


ITEM #3: FREE PEOPLE Irona Lace Detail Top

THOUGHTS: This top is both cropped and blousy! Genius! I loved the lace detail on the top, too. It was too big, and sold out in my size, so back it goes.

VERDICT: Returned


ITEM #4: MADEWELL Classic Printed Straight Leg Jean

THOUGHTS: More Madewell! I love Madewell’s denim. Their jeans compress but with stretch. It’s magic. I wore my last pair of Madewell jeans until the zipper broke, so these really did fill a hole in my wardrobe, plus the heart pattern was too fun to pass up.



ITEM #5: SOLE SOCIETY Audre Belt Bag

THOUGHTS: I think the current “belt bag” trend is fun. Yes, they’re just fancy fanny packs, but still! As a person with a bad back, I can get behind no shoulder strap.

This belt bag, however, wasn’t the one for me. If it was smaller and in a color that wouldn’t attract dirt, I would have been sold.

VERDICT: Returned



What did you think of this Fix? What pieces would you have kept or returned? Are you a wardrobe planner, too? I’d love to hear how you plan (or if you don’t!) Leave me a note in the comment box below. Let’s chat!