A Hiatus Update and This Month’s Theme


Well, hello.

Rule Breakers, I have missed you.

I’ve been on a brief blogging hiatus. I needed some scoot back time. I needed perspective. I needed a good, solid, brain cleanse. It was time to rinse out all of the fuzzies, the nit-pickies, the anxieties. I needed to crack a window and get a healthy breeze in here. Blog-wise, everything was starting to feel cramped, stale, and a tad crusty.

That being said, I don’t have the answers yet. (Are there answers? I’m not sure of that, either.) I have, however, been wrestling some ideas around, GLOW-style. I want to continue to fill this little puddle of the internet, and I can’t go on breaking the same fashion rules forever. At some point, they won’t be broken rules anymore. I’ll just be getting dressed.

So, to that end, I’m crafting new projects and new ways to break rules. I’ve got a whole roster of rule breakers to share with you. I’ll likely start this chapter slowly, taking time to get my wheels underneath me. By September, it’ll be full speed ahead.

My approach to rule breaking is evolving, but monthly themes are still here to stay!

August is quirky month.

For the rest of August, I’ll be fashion-experimenting with QUIRKY as my inspiration. I’ll be celebrating the offbeat and the peculiar. I’ll take my cues from zany non-conformists. If this was the 1930’s, I’d be squatting in Parisian cafes, hoping to rub elbows with the Bohemian crowd.

Who are your favorite quirky fashion icons? Do you find fashion inspiration from any off-center sources? Which people, paintings, history books, kitchen appliances, or national monuments inspire your style?

As I began this revamping process, I’d love your input. What have I missed? What rule-breaker content would you like to see? And, vice-versa, which pieces do you like to read? What could you do without? Thanks, friends! I’m so grateful for your feedback and your readership.

Onwards and upwards, Rule Breakers!