Pretty in Pink? A Week in Rose-Colored Outfits

This blog is billed as an experiment, but I’m no scientist.

There are no variables. Nothing is double blind. I don’t have a lab coat. Rather, I go more by gut feeling. And since I’m experimenting on myself, the experiments are rarely impartial.

Of all of the styles, colors, and shapes I’ve tested, the one to get the least air time is, by far, the color pink. Pink, for me, is no-woman’s land. I’ve associated pink with being treated like a child, and spent years trying to be seen as anything-but. So, as this experiment has trotted along, I’ve always found other styles to feature. Pink was relegated to the sidelines.

But, colors are colors. They are not inherently male or female, young or old. So, why avoid pink? What was I missing out on? Maybe I’d like it.

It’s Explorer Month. Throughout June, I’m tackling new territory with new fashion experiments. This week, I (finally) tackled pink.

For 5 days (a business week), every outfit I wore had to be predominantly pink. Other colors and patterns were ok, but pink had to be the headliner. I rated each outfit’s repeatability, too, as a numerical indicator of my pink experience.

Let’s get to it.


Day One - Thursday


THE EVENT: A rosé-themed event celebrating spring at Cafe Campagne with my friend, Susannah Rose.

THE OUTFIT: I cornered Christian as he came out of the bathroom (I’m a joy to live with) and said, “Look! I’m dressed like an art teacher who needs a vacation!” He responded, immediately. “Yep, I can see that.”

I removed the attached slip from this pink, hibiscus-print dress and wore it as a long shirt, keeping it half-unbottoned. (Get it? Art teacher dreaming of vacation? Tropical flowers + “artistic” layering? GET IT?) I added jeans, a trench coat, sandals, a maroon bag, and a glass (two glasses) of rosé.

REPEATIBILITY: 3/5 - Without the trench, it’s likely I’ll wear this again. Bedraggled Art Teacher is kind of my vibe.


Day Two - Friday


THE EVENT: Dinner out at a new restaurant

THE OUTFIT: It was cold and rainy, so I layered. Layer one was a ruffled, tie-neck blouse, covered in stars and bright pink flowers and a pair of black jeans. I topped that with an oversized, pink, corduroy blazer. Final touches were cream Everlane day boots and an umbrella.

REPEATABILITY: 5/5 - I liked this! I felt like a low-key British blogger, or a cool mom in the 60’s.

Day 3 - Saturday


THE EVENT: THRILLING Saturday, shopping for an office chair (I stole Christian’s and now he wants it back…), walking Izzy, and making dinner at home.

THE OUTFIT: Oh, I hated this. I got this pink and green floral dress in my Rent the Runway shipment. We didn’t get along. The dress was simultaneously too big and constricting. I felt frumpy and hot (and the weather was barely warm.) The only jacket I had that worked was denim and I just felt…… plain. Lackluster. Engulfed and sinking in crinkled, pink, cotton.

REPEATIBILITY: 0/5 - I already sent this dress back.


Day 4 - Sunday


THE EVENT: Exploring new parks with Christian and Izzy, grocery shopping, preparing for the week ahead.

THE OUTFIT: My plans changed, and the pink skirt I’d laid out was no longer appropriate.

Instead, we headed to the park. I wore these (stunning, stylish) “outdoor” pants and a coral peplum tank. The top isn’t true, true, true pink but it’s the closest I had. I did wear a hot pink sports bra, if that counts.

REPEATIBILITY: 0/5 - I prefer to wear that top with a higher-waisted bottom.


Day 5 - Monday

THE EVENT: A cocktail with Susannah Rose, then seeing a friend in her dream role, in her dream play, that she produced!

THE OUTFIT: I intended to wear a brighter, pinker outfit. I received a pink, pineapple-print, A-line skirt from Rent the Runway, and I could not make it work. I tried! I tried lots of tops, lots of jackets - I even tried wearing different undies underneath it. In the end, I knew wearing the skirt would drive me crazy, so I chucked it aside.

I pulled on a long, flowy black skirt, white racerback tank, and the button-up that makes me feel like a fun retired man in Miami. (Practically a repeat of this outfit, but with flats.)

It wasn’t very vibrant. The button-up is Millennial Pink (at best.) I attempted to up my pink score with bright pink jewelry, but it didn’t mesh. Instead, I wore big tortoiseshell hoops and the sunglasses from Feng Shui day. I felt more like myself than I had all week.

REPEATABILITY: 5/5 - I really liked this outfit.

My friend, Susannah Rose, took photos of me on Monday and Thursday. Thanks, Susannah! :)

My friend, Susannah Rose, took photos of me on Monday and Thursday. Thanks, Susannah! :)


So, How’d It go?

Pink isn’t my color. My pink outfits didn’t leave me feeling particularly powerful, interesting, or snazzy. After 5 days, I was so ready to wear any other color.

And that’s ok! Throughout this experiment, I’ve discovered that several styles I once avoided, I actually love - like turtlenecks, or florals, or bright blue eyeshadow. I have plenty of options. I don’t have to love every look I try.

Have you had a similar experience to mine? Which colors don’t excite you? I’d love to hear about your experience!