5 Variations on a Classic - The White T and Jeans Edition


Is it just me, or are the categories required in a woman’s wardrobe expanding? When I was 12 and reading fashion magazines (RIP Lucky Mag), there was day and there was evening.

Now, there are guides for every situation. Attending a wedding? You’ll need a specific dress. Going to the airport? Make it fashion! Heading to brunch? We could construct a whole flow chart with those guidelines.

Meanwhile, men can follow the same outfit formula over and over. With a few minor tweaks, it works wherever they go.

As much as I love clothes, all of this occasion dressing can get tiresome. So, this week I dressed like a dude - or at least followed their formula. I challenged myself to take a classic combination - jeans and a white T - and make 5 distinct outfits. I attempted an evening look, a casual weekend look, and a few in between.

Which one is your favorite? Leave your vote in the comment box below! I’d love to know which look you like the best.


Look #1 - The Golden Hour


Look #2 - A Millennial’s Bfast at Tiffany’s


Look #3 - paint the town pink


Look #4 - On Wednesdays we Wear Hats


Look #5 - Sunday bagels



Are you a uniform-dresser? What outfit equation do you follow?

I’ll be back on Wednesday with the first Inspired By post of Women’s Month!

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