It's Women's Month!


In my junior year of high school, the culmination of my AP US History course was a 10 page paper. The topic was open ended. We could choose any event in American history.

I chose Alice Paul, the badass suffragette who led a group of women in picketing outside the White House for the right to vote. Alice and the other women were eventually arrested, imprisoned, beaten, and force fed. After a public outcry, they were released and Woodrow Wilson (begrudgingly) expressed his support for women’s suffrage. In 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed.

I researched this topic tirelessly. I sobbed my way through the film adaptation, Iron Jawed Angels. In the end, my paper was 13 pages long (not including the photo gallery timeline, of course). I proudly (and likely, obnoxiously) received a grade of 100%.

I tell you this not to illustrate my straight-up nerdom (like you didn’t already know) but more to convey how much I love writing about kickass women.

International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th.

Let’s be real. One day doesn’t seem sufficient to recognize half of our population. So, all month long, the content here on Costume Parade will be a big female celebration!

That’s right! IT’S WOMEN’S MONTH!


Additionally, you told me in the reader survey that you’d love to see more Inspired By posts, and over the next four weeks, there will be a whole slew of them!



Just like my AP US History paper, I will be providing 30% more content. That means instead of two posts a week, there will be three! A brand new, fabulously female, fashion experiment will go up every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the month of March.

On top of that, I’ll be sharing more wonder women on both Instagram and Twitter.

Are you as jazzed about this as I am? Could you talk about women who are breaking glass ceilings and kicking down walls all day? Let me know if there’s something or someone specific you’d like to read about in the comment box below!

Until Wednesday!