Third Time's The Charm?


I have exhausted myself. 

This is not unusual. I tend to overthink, overplan, overanalyze, and all-around overdo. Let's use this past week as an example:

This post was going to be about silk scarves. I love them, have many, but wearing them intimidates me. What better rule-breaking blog material? I wore a silk scarf! The experience was lackluster. The scarf felt superfluous. It didn't make the outfit better, it was just there. I even took it off and stuffed it in my purse to get it out of the way.  'Not good enough!' I thought, 'Not interesting! What would I say!?'

Round two. Sequins for day! I wore a sequined sweater all day Monday. I felt pretty clever. What Monday doesn't need a little sparkle? I ended up working from home. No one saw my sweater. No one saw my sad, scratched arms from sequin-chafe, either. Again, I thought, 'Not good enough! Who wants to see sequin-chafe!?'

So, here we are. Round Three. 

Let us begin.


THE EVENT: Busy, busy, Tuesday.

THE BROKEN RULE: Trends are fleeting and a poor investment. 

THE OUTFIT: This wasn't my first outfit of the day.

I started my day in a long black midi skirt, black T-shirt and a scarf for an early morning doctor appointment. I hated the outfit. I felt like a member of a women's choir. (I'm sure you've seen those women's choirs where everyone is in black, but they all wear scarves to look more fun. You know what I'm talking about!)

I came home, threw off my choir garb, and started pulling on items that I like. When I looked in the mirror, I was surprised with the rather trendy end result:

It started with And Other Stories mom-jeans (definite trend). Next came the black racerback tank I can't get enough of. I added a polka-dot cardigan (polka dots = trend), tobacco-brown faux leather jacket and woven mules (very trendy). I topped it off with a new Glossier lipstick in Leo. (Yes. I did get another one...)(is it lame if even my lipstick is trendy?)

THE EXPERIENCE: My day wasn't nearly as hip as my outfit. Most of my time was spent working, save for a vet appointment late in the afternoon. No clients commented on my look. The vet didn't either.


Though this outfit didn't receive any standing ovations, I liked it. The jeans and mules were comfortable, but I still felt put together. I've pinned half a million outfits in this black-white-rust brown color combination, so it was satisfying to follow through and wear the colors myself. And the best part? No sequin-chafe!

THE CONCLUSION: This isn't the first time I've attempted rule-breaking outfits, deemed them unworthy, and then skipped a blog post. I'm still figuring out how to document a so-so experiment without being oh-so-boring. And, let's be real, nothing notable happened in this outfit, either. But I liked it. I felt current and fun and comfortable and I never would have worn it pre-experiment. In my book, that makes it worthy.

What fashion rule would you never break? What fashion rule do you hate? Which rule do you want me to break, so you don't have to? I'd love to hear about it! 

I'll be back with another post on Sunday! Until then, come say hello on Instagram - the experiment continues there everyday!






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A parting shot of Izzy. I thought she looked very regal here. :)

A parting shot of Izzy. I thought she looked very regal here. :)