Stitch Fix Review - November

Sometime after the pink disaster, I scheduled a Fix. I've been using Stitch Fix off and on for a few years, and I thought it might be fun to see how someone else interpreted rule breaking.

What is Stitch Fix, you ask? Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription box service. You sign on to their website, fill out a questionnaire regarding your wardrobe wants and needs, and a stylist chooses 5 items for you and they're shipped to your front door. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you purchase. (Interested? Check out my referral link here and we'll both get $15 off our next Fix!)

For this fix, I sent my stylist a link to this blog, and a list of rules I've considered breaking, and I was really pleased with the outcome! 

Let's get down to business:


Item: Papermoon Bailey Printed Swing Skirt (size small)

Broken Rule:

  1. Pear-shaped women shouldn't wear light colors on bottom.
  2. No white after Labor Day

Thoughts: Initially, I hadn't considered a skirt when thinking about no-light-colors-on-bottom but I don't see why that wouldn't break the rule, too. Though it's not obvious in the photo, the pattern of this skirt is also textured, which I found to be really interesting. I'm a bit on the fence with this one - the pattern is something I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but in person I really like it. Do I need another swing skirt? Should I save that money and put it toward some white jeans? 

Verdict: Undecided


Item: Daniel Rainn Talri Silk Blouse (size small)

Broken Rule: This top doesn't break any rules outright. It was sent to be worn with the skirt above.

Thoughts: I really want to keep this. I ask not to be sent polyester tops because they're itchy and horrible, but inevitably I tend to get one anyway. This time I got silk!! I love it. And it fits! I love that it fits my shoulders but the rest is a bit loose. 

But it's black. Do I need another black blouse? No. Will a black blouse really help me in breaking rules? No. 

Verdict: (Begrudgingly) return.


Item: Tart Anahi Printed Knit Blazer (size small)

Broken Rule: This blazer was also sent to be paired with the white skirt above.

Thoughts: Meaghan (my stylist for this fix) said that the blazer would add color and a mix of patterns, which I'm all about. I love red, and this blazer is great quality. However, I can't get past the pattern. It's a little bit too department-store-Christmas-elf. And while I love decorating for the holidays, I'm not sure if I want to be quite this festive. 

Verdict: Return


Item: Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean (size 4/27)

Broken Rule: A good outfit mixes colors and neutrals.

Thoughts: One of the rules I mentioned wanting to break was that every outfit should have a neutral. (As a die-hard fan of What Not To Wear growing up, this is a tough one for me to break!) Meaghan sent me both something I needed (the pull-over sweater) and broke the rule by sending me these goldenrod pants to go with it! Two broken rules in one Fix - pretty impressive!!

Regarding the pants, I love this goldenrod color. I love this color paired with the dark teal of the sweater. However, I'm worried that this color is too close to my skin tone, and from afar these skinny jeans would make me look naked from the waist down. (Have you seen that before? Whenever I see someone in skin-toned leggings it always shocks me for a hot second.) Also, I'm ready to retire skinny jeans for awhile. Less restrictive cuts are coming back into style, and I would rather save the cash and try a straighter leg. 

Verdict: Return


Item: RD Style Mckinley Ribbed Detail Pullover (size small)

Broken Rule: A good outfit mixes colors and neutrals.

Thoughts: Try as I might not to, I always peek at my Fix online before I get it. When I peeked at this Fix, this sweater looked like a navy blue waffled henley and I was really underwhelmed. So, when I opened the box and found this dark teal pullover sweater I was really pleased!! I love that this sweater is thin enough to wear under other items, but still warmer than a long sleeved shirt. The subtle details around the shoulder gives it a little bit more visual interest, too. What I'm most happy about is the cut. A sweater with a thick waistband at the bottom never flatters me, and I loved that this one has more space. 

Verdict: Keep! I've even already worn it to tour some wedding venues!!

In the past, my experience with Stitch Fix has been a bit of a roller coaster. I've had fixes that I've loved, and also ones that I just didn't understand. (Case in point: once I asked for no blue items and received a fix where every single item was navy blue. All 5!) Though I'm just keeping one item, I'm really pleased with this fix! It's obvious that Meaghan read my profile and my blog, and it was really fun to get an outsider's perspective on the experiment. I'm intrigued to see what other rule-breaking items she might send my way.

Have any thoughts about these items? Do you think I should keep that white skirt? I'd love to hear your opinions!