I Swear, This Isn't An all-Black Relapse.


I know what you're thinking. You've seen the pictures on this post, and you're letting loose a collective eye roll, thinking, 'ALL BLACK? ARE YOU EVEN TRYING?'. But, hear me out! I assure you, today's broken rule is a doozy.

But first, let me tell you, I have a big head. I can never fit into size small hats. They just perch on top of my big head like I'm going to a British royal wedding. I've even had costume designers comment on my big head while taking my measurements. (Not the best way to make anyone feel special.)  And a few years ago, when I got sick and lost a fair amount of weight, I constantly asked Christian if I looked like a bobblehead - big head and tiny body. (He said I didn't... but I'm still not entirely convinced.) 

As I've gotten older, I've learned that no one else really notices my big head except me, but regardless, I still know it's there. And when I put on this outfit, I had a brief moment of AHHHH! DOES MY HEAD LOOK BIG? Can you guess which piece set off my strange big-head anxiety? Any takers? 

It's the turtleneck.

Shall we begin?

THE EVENT: Industry night for a new play featuring a friend, assistant directed by another friend and attending with more friends. A friend-filled event!

THE BROKEN RULE: Round faces (and big heads!) shouldn't wear high necklines.

THE OUTFIT: If I'm truthful, this outfit didn't begin with the turtleneck. It began with the tights. I put them on early in the day, and once they were on, they weren't coming off.  The second part of the outfit equation wasn't the turtleneck, either... it was the boots! After my last post, I really wanted to wear something I like, and I love these boots!! They have enough of a heel so I feel snazzy, but the heel is wide, so they're still comfortable. And the color! I love green, so I think these are extra special. 

And then came the turtleneck. I hadn't worn a turtleneck in at least 20 years, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. (I know, I know, I was just putting on a shirt, but big-head-round-face rules run deep!) I put it on, looked in the mirror, and immediately felt more interesting. I then tried it on with all of my dresses and skirts, and with every combo I thought, 'Well, don't I look smart?!' Or, 'don't I look stylish?', or "artsy" or "surprising" and so on and so forth. So, who knew!? To look interesting, wear a turtleneck.

I capped it off with my black jumper, and a geometric map necklace. Overall, the outfit made me feel like Hermione Granger at art school, and I didn't hate it. 

THE EXPERIENCE: Let me tell you, I loved feeling like an interesting person who wears turtlenecks. And I wasn't even the only one in a black turtleneck!! It was a black turtleneck extravaganza of an evening. And the best part of the turtleneck? Other than looking interesting? My neck was warm the whole night. Now, that's a win if I've heard of one.

THE CONCLUSION: Often in this experiment, I've felt a bit sheepish. I've blocked certain items or colors or styles from my wardrobe for years and when I try them, I love them. So, that's years and years of wardrobe love and wardrobe variety that I've been missing. When I tried on this turtleneck I felt very sheepish. I've overcome that, and now, I just want ALL OF THE TURTLENECKS. Perhaps even a turtleneck that isn't black! Because, really, a warm neck and looking really really interesting?! What more could you want? 

Until next time, friends!

My "well, isn't that interesting!" face

My "well, isn't that interesting!" face

What do you think? Big head or interesting head?

What do you think? Big head or interesting head?