Black In Business


My style felt very Wednesday Addams this rainy Tuesday, and I was quite pleased about it. Though I'm back in black, this isn't a wallflower outfit. The black serves a purpose- it's the canvas for an exciting new addition to my wardrobe!! More about that later in the post. 

For now, let's get down to business: 

THE EVENT: A seeing-clients type of work day. Often when work takes me out of the house, I'm running errands with Izzy (dog friend) in the back seat and no one else sees me. Today I saw (and spoke to!) real live people. 

THE BROKEN RULE: Never wear anything too girlish.

This rule is a doozy. Historically, I have often been mistaken as much younger than my age. (I can feel the collective eye rolls, but hear me out!) Because of this, I've been patronized to and not taken seriously more times than I can count. In an attempt to avoid the mansplainers, I adopted a wardrobe of black and "masculine" colors. Never pink. Never florals. Never ever ruffles. This rule is the hardest for me to break, hence why I'm starting the process in black.

Buzzing around out in the world.

Buzzing around out in the world.


THE OUTFIT: I love this jumper. And I know if it were plaid I'd look like a Catholic school girl, but still, I love it. I love that it's reminiscent of an apron, and I love that it's a dress that you have to layer with (I LOVE LAYERS) and I love that it's not too confining. 

However, until now I've downplayed the jumper with a black top because I felt like it was just too little-girl-esque. Today, I embraced the jumper. I wore it with a black and white striped long sleeve T-shirt, black tights, black booties and my corgi necklace. 

Wearing black also served a second purpose. It was a neutral backdrop for a new addition! Last week, my mom forwarded me an email that the Kate Spade outlet was having a 70% off everything sale. Naturally, I had to go. My best friend, my cousin, and I all piled into my Mini on Sunday morning and drove up to the outlet mall, and I came back with a new patent burgundy purse. I'm so excited about it I feel like I should give it a name... but that might be taking it too far.  You can see it in the photos below. I thought my black outfit and yellow coat would compliment it nicely. 

THE EXPERIENCE: In this department, I don't have much to report. I had a meeting with clients first thing this morning, and what I had anticipated would take an hour took fifteen minutes. I never took my coat off, so there wasn't even the possibility of a reaction to my jumper. I felt conflicted about looking like a bumblebee on the drive over, but after catching my reflection in a window, I felt fine. Or perhaps that was just the new purse high?

The rest of the day was spent doing laptop work with Izzy, and the evening was spent at home with Christian who's recovering from the flu. Neither my dog nor my boyfriend seemed to be much effected by my outfit.

THE CONCLUSION: Though this excursion turned out to be less eventful than previously thought, it felt like a good warm up for a rule that intimidates me. I have more events lined up later in the week, and I plan to give this rule another go. I might even wear pink!