Almost a Pink Lady


This post is brought to you by dog vomit. 

Last night, I was all gussied up in a rule-breaking outfit to meet Christian for a night out. As I was about to leave, Izzy started crying and pacing and then barfed quite a lot. Our fancy night-out quickly became a comfy night-in. We ordered pizza, drank some wine, and watched Ratatouille with our sick little puppy. (She's feeling better today.)

And while I enjoyed that quite a lot (you can't beat Ratatouille), it meant that today's post was outfit-less. I considered re-wearing last night's outfit today... but it's chilly, and Friday the 13th, and I just couldn't be bothered with tights. So, instead I reinterpreted this week's rule into an outfit that would keep me warm and comfy for a less-than-glamorous Friday.

THE EVENT:  A cold and rainy work and errands day.

THE BROKEN RULE: Never wear anything too girlish. (I said I'd wear pink in the last post, and, gosh darn it, I am!!)

This photo immortalizes the moment I left the house in pink. I'm practically Elle Woods now.

This photo immortalizes the moment I left the house in pink. I'm practically Elle Woods now.

THE OUTFIT: I have a bright pink long sleeved t-shirt that lives in the back of my closet. It keeps company with old theater t-shirts and pajamas and the occasional stray sock. I never wear it because it's pink and pink is against the rules. Today, that shirt had it's day in the sun (and clouds and rain).  I pulled it on, and was determined to create an outfit around it. I decided on black cropped pants, black Adidas, and my camo jacket with a grey Prairie Underground sweatshirt underneath.

THE EXPERIENCE: Wearing this outfit all day was, dare I say it, uneventful. The top is cotton and long-sleeved, so I was warm and comfy while working. My trip to the grocery store wasn't notable. No one saw the pink and immediately began mansplaining. No one seemed aghast by my appearance. I brought my groceries home, cracked open a La Croix and felt just fine. 

THE CONCLUSION: I can't believe I'm writing this. I really like this outfit. I like the mix of the feminine details- the pink and the big fairytale hood of the sweatshirt- with the more masculine everything else. Before the experiment, I would have worn this outfit with a black top. That would be fine. Totally unoffensive. But, I have to say, I like that the pink gives it just a little kick. It's like an element of surprise, but in casual wear. 

Tomorrow my schedule will return to being a bit more packed, so I'm glad that I chose this quiet week to break this particular rule. I'd been feeling a bit lost, and choosing to wear more girlish, feminine items gave me some much needed perspective. Who would have thought? Certainly not me!

Until next time, friends!