My 2019 Seattle Fall Bucket List


One week ago, we returned from our adventures in Italy and Paris.

I’ve heard other people, upon their return from vacation, talk about their relief to be home, to sleep in their own bed, to wash all of their underwear.

For me, that’s never a feeling that I’ve shared. Sure, I’m relieved to do laundry, but I’m not ecstatic to be back in Seattle. Mostly, I’m just happy to be reunited with our dog.

Seattle and I are not a natural fit. This city, with its clouds and love of boxy architecture, has never really felt like home. I don’t revel in the rain. In fact, having grown up in a desert, I really struggle with it. I hate the damp. I hate the dark. I hate that Seattle thinks it’s a vegetarian utopia, when I had an easier time eating in France.

But, we’re here. We’ll be here for a few more years, so I’m attempting, trying, gritting my teeth and building a better relationship with Seattle.

A few months ago, I published my 2019 Seattle Summer Bucket List. It was long! (35 items long!) I didn’t finish everything on it, but it helped adjust my perspective. It gave me ideas, and premade plans, and a life raft on the days when I wanted jump in my Mini with my husband, my dog, and a lot of books, and drive away.

So, I’m trying it again.

Summer officially said au revoir on September 23rd. Below is a list of everything I want to accomplish or experience before we ring in winter on December 21st. Some items are repeats. Some are Seattle-specific, though the activities are pretty universal. And a few are goals for me.

I’d love to hear about your favorite fall activities, too! After publishing the last bucket list, I heard from so many of you. I loved hearing all of your ideas and plans for the season ahead. How do you celebrate fall? Do you like pumpkin spice? Pumpkins? Leaves? Apple picking? I want to hear it all! Leave me a comment below, and let’s chat!


  1. Visit a pumpkin patch

    A classic autumn activity that I’m pretty positive I’ve never done.

    2. Wear back-to-school plaid

    I’m envisioning a skirt suit a la Clueless!

    3. Go Wine Tasting

    This will likely be on every bucket list.

    4. See the changing leaves in the arboretum

    5. Learn a new Soup Recipe

    My husband makes excellent soup. We’re talking really, really, really good. I feel like I need to keep up!


6. Go to the Theater!

I do this pretty regularly, but it’s different in the fall! New theater seasons generally start in September (like school), and there’s a little extra spark in the air.

7. Visit Portland

I didn’t complete this on the last bucket list, but I still want to go! Voodoo Doughnuts and autumn seem like an excellent combination.

8. Wear more hats

Actual, literal, hats - not metaphorical hats.

9. Find the Most Bizarre Pumpkin Spiced Flavored food and Try it

10. Bake a pie From Scratch (Crust and all!)


11. Carve Pumpkins

There’s an ulterior motive to this one. We get far more trick-or-treaters with pumpkins on our front porch!

12. Learn a recipe for mulled wine

13. Revisit Volunteer Park Conservatory on a rainy day

The Conservatory is like a mini-vacation. It’s balmy and warm. There are tropical plants. It’s just missing a beach!

14. Learn a new monologue

It’s never too early to prepare for audition season! (Or something like that…)

15. Wander Pike Place Market

Or, at the very least, stand in line for a piroshki.


16. Plan (at least!) one friend date a week

Once rainy season hits, it’s easy for me to commit to a longterm relationship with Netflix and our couch. I’m always happier when I brave the elements, and see my favorite people face-to-face.

17. Wear colorful tights

I have a bunch of colorful tights, but tend to chicken out when it comes to actually leaving the house in them.

18. Go bowling!

19. Visit the Museum of Flight

20. Take the leap!

I’ve been plotting and planning a few new Costume Parade projects for awhile now, but have yet to see those plans through. No more dillydallying!! The time is now!


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