Anything But Basic - Replenishing My Wardrobe


When it comes to clothing, I like owning quality basics. I do not, however, enjoy shopping for them. At all. It's much more fun to daydream up outfits around showstopper pieces, and sometimes finding just-right basics is a chore. 

But, after watching some of my most worn pieces slowly (or quickly) disintegrate in the last month, I bit the bullet, sat down with my laptop and ordered reinforcements. (If there's anything that makes shopping for basics more tedious, it's having to leave the house to do it!)

Not surprisingly, about half of the pieces I ordered weren't quite right, but two were just what I wanted. Yesterday, I paired them together for a meeting with a possible wedding coordinator. 


Let's get down to (basic) business!

THE EVENT: Meeting a possible wedding coordinator for our (fast-approaching!!) big day.


  1. Black is always best.
  2. Trends are fleeting and a poor investment.

THE OUTFIT: If you just read those broken rules and are looking at the pictures thinking, "Girl. You are wearing black. Have you lost your mind?" then let me explain:

Many, many moons ago I bought a shrunken black faux leather jacket at H&M, and it was perfect. I wore it for years until it started peeling so badly it shed when I swung my arms. I begrudgingly retired it a few months ago, and have been halfheartedly looking for a replacement ever since. Enter this tobacco-brown number you see in the photos! I've pinned many an outfit pin on Pinterest with this brown shade, but didn't actually own anything that color. Now I do! And as it's replacing a black item, (but isn't black!) I'm breaking the "Black is always best" rule.


As for the second broken rule, these 90's-reminiscent, high-waisted, mom jeans are definitely a trend. However, my mom had jeans just like them in the 90's (I have photos!), so I feel confident that if they're not in style next year, they will be again within the next twenty or so!

I paired both of those rule-breaking items with my favorite rust and white checked scarf, a (basic) black racerback blouse, and black, pearl-covered booties. 

THE EXPERIENCE: As we've been getting our feet under us with wedding planning, I feel more and more compelled to dress in a way that reflects our wedding aesthetic to whichever vendor we may be meeting. I think this new habit is mostly for me. It's likely that no one else notices. But regardless, it makes me feel better, so I'll probably keep doing it.

With this particular meeting, I was seated the whole time. The likelihood that my outfit made any sort of statement is pretty unlikely. On the flip side, those jeans were way more comfortable than my closet's many skinny pairs. That in itself counts for something!


THE CONCLUSION: While it's doubtful that the wedding coordinator's notes said, "WELL DRESSED BRIDE", I felt pretty snazzy yesterday. As I get farther and farther from my all-black wardrobe of yore, I find it really fascinating how wearing new colors makes me feel. This tobacco-brown shade felt very 70's-esque, and while I don't think I quite resembled a Charlie's Angel, that retro, lady-in-charge, feel was fun.

Have you had a similar experience when bringing new colors into your wardrobe?? Do you wear specific colors for specific occasions? I'm curious! Let me know in the comment box below.

Happy weekend, friends! See on Tuesday!