Stitch Fix Review - February


It's that time again!! My Stitch Fix came early, and it's a good one!! 

(Confused? Here's the run down on Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription box service. You sign on to their website, fill out a questionnaire regarding your wardrobe wants and needs, and a stylist chooses 5 items for you and they're shipped to your front door. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee goes toward whatever you purchase. Interested? Check out my referral link here and get your first styling fee waived!)

Here we go!


ITEM: 41 Hawthorn Favien Embroidery Heart Detail Top, Size Small

THOUGHTS: I really loved the embroidered hearts on this top, but the top itself just too big for me to pull off. The material was very thin, and for that reason I'm not looking for an exchange.



ITEM: Street Level Mandy Mini Satchel

THOUGHTS: I told my stylist, Kristin, that I wanted to add more red to my wardrobe, and this purse really delivers!! I love the shape - it's both small, but roomy with that wide bottom. Sometimes I have trouble forking over money for accessories, and I'm fighting with that a little now. Should I get it!!??! I'd love to hear your input!

VERDICT: Undecided


ITEM: Current Air Claude Embroidered Top, Size Small

THOUGHTS: I was really excited about this top when I previewed my fix before it arrived. However, in person it's a bit too big and the magnitude of the ruffles is just too much for my frame. When Christian saw the back he said, "Ugh, it looks like you're a ninja turtle from behind." I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it didn't sound flattering. The color, though, is really great.



ITEM: Rebecca Minkoff  Aden Leather Knot Mule, Size 8

THOUGHTS: I really love looking at these shoes. They're architectural, and metallic, and very, very stylish. They're fantastic quality. I was obsessed with them when I saw that they were on their way, and I still loved them when I saw them in person.

Yet, I'm still not quite sure. Two reasons - 1. They're mules, so they're not the easiest to walk in. 2. I'm worried that I wouldn't wear the often enough.

Yet, part of me sees how those two reasons are ridiculous. I'm really overthinking this. Should I get the mules???

VERDICT:  Undecided.


ITEM: Coffeeshop Clover Faux Fur Jacket, Size Small

THOUGHTS: I didn't expect to like this jacket. It's a combination of a faux fur, and more of a teddy finish, which is a bit confusing, but somehow great at the same time. The jacket was way too big, and there's not an XS available, so I won't be keeping it, but wearing it felt really fun. It wasn't the best quality, but that's not really necessary with this style. I think it was meant to be a fun piece, not a daily-wear piece. Shockingly, I'm a bit sad to see this one go. With the dreary grey weather in Seattle, I'm in need of all the fun wardrobe pieces I can find. :)



My check out date is tomorrow - leave me a note in the comments below with your opinion about the mules and the purse! I'd love to hear what you think!

See you on Friday with another post!