Happy Birthday, Costume Parade!

The one and only photo from my very first blog post. (Click  here  to read it!)

The one and only photo from my very first blog post. (Click here to read it!)


Roughly one year ago, I committed to this experiment.

I’d (finally) realized that following the rules with how I dressed (whether they be my own rules, rules for actors, or society’s rules) wasn’t getting me anywhere. I wasn’t any closer to my goals by playing it safe, and I never really felt like myself.

Thus, the experiment was born. For one whole year, I vowed to break those rules, wear what I wanted, and document it along the way.

So, what did I wear?


And that’s not even half of it!

But now, that year is over. (It was actually over on September 26th, but we were on our honeymoon!) So, what’s next?

We keep going! While the initial experiment has finished, I feel like I’m just hitting my stride. I want to keep expanding my sartorial horizons, and I want to keep sharing those outfits with you. I’m also itching to experiment with rule breaking outside of my closet! Let’s chat about unconventional travel, and food, and friends, too!

So, how do you break the rules? Do you know any rule-breakers I should know? What or where or who do you want to read about? Leave me comment, please! I’d love to talk to you about it.

And, to address the elephant on the page, it’s been awhile!! Hello, again! I took a bit of a hiatus before our wedding and during our honeymoon, but we’re back! I’m oh-so-very excited to get back to Costume Parade and experimenting! I’m returning to the twice-a-week, every Sunday and Wednesday schedule.

I’ve linked some of my favorite posts from the last year below. What posts were your favorites? Would you like to see any follow up posts?

See you on Sunday!

Rebecca Lane