What's the Deal, January?


January, as advertised, is a month of possibility. It's a time for fresh beginnings, clean slates, open doors. It's a time when, collectively, we all sit down and envision what we could make or do or be in this next spin around the sun. I am a sucker for lists and goals and resolutions, but I have to say... 

January sucks.

I said it! Ah! How freeing!

In all seriousness, I don't remember the last January where I was like, "YES! I'M KICKING ASS AT LIFE!" and I don't think I'm alone in this. January is a month where wallets are lighter, pants have become tighter, and everyone has the flu. Without the charm of Christmas decorations, the weather just blows. We're all struggling to start fresh, while still shackled to the stressors, mistakes, or bad habits of the year before. 

So, on this downer of an opening, I begin my second Control Group post. 

Shall we? 

THE EVENT: Saturday.


Outfit specs: Coat- Everlane , Jeans-Modcloth ( similar ), Beanie and Socks-Target, Shoes- Adidas , Purse-Kate Spade ( similar )

Outfit specs: Coat-Everlane, Jeans-Modcloth (similar), Beanie and Socks-Target, Shoes-Adidas, Purse-Kate Spade (similar)

THE OUTFIT: When I'm feeling down, or sick, or tired, or just generally in need of a pick-me-up, I have a few comforting tricks. Any hot beverage usually works wonders. Sometimes I need to step it up to glass of wine (or more). When I'm ill, a Downton Abbey marathon feels especially healing. Other occasions require a night out with my best friend to get me back to myself. Before this experiment, I never realized how often I turn to my clothes for comfort.

Comforting clothes is not radical idea. I'm not writing anything game changing. It's just a concept that, until now, I'd taken for granted. And on this particular Saturday, I needed some comforting. Christian and I were both fighting a flu that wouldn't surrender, and I was feeling a fair amount of stress. Once Saturday hit, I really didn't want to go risky with my attire. 

So, I didn't. I wore my old, very worn in, skinny jeans from Modcloth, a soft black Athleta sweatshirt, striped socks, and those Adidas I wear all the time. I finished it with a blue beanie that hid my second-day hair, and my favorite recent purchase, this Everlane parka that makes me feel like a giant, very warm, avocado. 

THE EXPERIENCE: Much of our day was spent at home, but for the afternoon of errands we did run, I was cozy and warm and comfortable. I didn't feel like wallflower (that beanie is really bright), nor did I feel particularly frumpy. (I wasn't wearing sweats, after all.) My clothes weren't daring, but they were what I needed that day. 

As you can see, lovely weather we're having in Seattle.

As you can see, lovely weather we're having in Seattle.

Another place that gives me comfort - the library! 

Another place that gives me comfort - the library! 


THE CONCLUSION: In my previous Control Group post (the one where we got engaged!), I predicted Control Group posts would be all lamentations about how my experiences are better when I break rules. And often they are! But half of this experiment is wearing what I want, when I want to, and on this particular Saturday I wanted my clothes to be my security blanket. 

However, I have noticed that what I consider rule breaking versus what is safe, or acceptable, or rule abiding has changed slowly but drastically over these past experimenting months. Look out for a future post where I delve more into that.

So, who's with me? Anyone else struggling through January? Or are you a January-lover? For those that excel in this first month of the year, I'd love to know your secret!

See you on Friday, where I attempt a bit more optimism about the New Year!