Inspired By | Mira Duma

I love Pinterest. Christian has informed me that apparently Pinterest is losing its mass appeal, but I still love it. I've spent far more hours than I should admit collecting fashion ideas, recipes, and cute corgis. It was on Pinterest that I discovered the style of Miroslava Duma. Miroslava Duma is an entrepreneur and street style star, who can rock suits and matching sets like no one else. For this second Inspired By post, I'll be taking my fashion cues from her. 

Let's begin!

THE EVENT: Dinner and a play with Christian and my cousin, Julia.

INSPIRED BY: Miroslava Duma (check out this Pinterest board to see more of my favorite Mira looks! Really, though. Look at it. If I could just live in her wardrobe, I might be happy forever).

A sampling of Mira's suits and matching sets

A sampling of Mira's suits and matching sets

My take!

My take!

THE OUTFIT: First, let's talk about Mira's fashion. My favorite era of Mira is 2013 Mira. She rocked a lot of mini circle skirts, black tights, and tall heels- all items I like already. However, to really emulate her style I felt that I needed some sort of matching set or suit action. But alas, I own no suits or sets.

So, I attempted the next best thing. I do own a green mini circle skirt, and I have a green camo jacket, so that became my set. I paired those items with black tights, a black turtleneck and a wide black belt to cinch it all in. If I was being true to Mira, I would have worn black heels. However, my heeled black booties aren't very comfortable, and I didn't have it in me to have both cold toes and pinched toes... so I wore my trusty green lace-up boots instead. The final touch was a black and white polka dot purse. (That part was more me, and less Mira.)

Camo jacket ( Stitch Fix ), Black turtleneck ( Uniqlo ), Corset belt ( Asos ), Green skirt (Zara - similar  here  and  here ), Green lace-up boots ( Franco Sarto ), Polka-dot purse (J. Crew -  similar here )

Camo jacket (Stitch Fix), Black turtleneck (Uniqlo), Corset belt (Asos), Green skirt (Zara - similar here and here), Green lace-up boots (Franco Sarto), Polka-dot purse (J. Crew - similar here)

THE EXPERIENCE: When I think back on this outfit now, I think of gastrointestinal discomfort. I wore my nice grey woolen trench coat on top of this look, and it belts around the middle. The outfit itself had a belt around the middle. After a cocktail and Mexican food, the combo of double belts and a pair of tights was a lot. There was a significant amount of pressure around my midsection. 

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's back up to pre-bloating. The evening began in the car. I picked up Julia, and then we headed toward downtown to pick up Christian from work. Near the theatre, we easily found street parking. What luck! We decided on a new(er) Mexican restaurant before the show, and settled in with some tortilla chips and fun cocktails. Bottomless tortilla chips are my kryptonite. (I could eat tortilla chips and guacamole forever, and be perfectly satisfied.) Therein began the bloating. Dinner arrived. Dinner wasn't horribly unhealthy, heavy or even a very large portion. It was just more food on top of tortilla chips. 

As we put on our coats to head to the theatre, my insides cried as I cinched the trench's belt.  Once in our seats, I removed the coat so I was only wearing one belt in total, plus tights, but still, I've been more comfortable in be-seen-in-public clothes. The play was really fantastic (we went to see The Humans),  and intermission-free! My favorite! Afterwards, we dropped Julia off at home, and as we walked inside our house I immediately pulled off my coat, and my second belt. Ah! Relief!!

THE CONCLUSION: For all my bloviating about bloating, I really liked this outfit! I wouldn't have thought to wear my camo jacket to a play, but I enjoyed it paired with the green skirt. It also felt like an unexpected twist for an evening look. I do think the black boots would have been better than the green ones. With the green boots, the outfit became very, very green. The leg line of all black would also have been more flattering with more width up top. 

Now back into the wilderness that is the holiday season! I hope your December, thus far, has been merry and bright!