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I love Younger, the comedy series on TV Land. Christian thinks I only watch the show because I love Sutton Foster. That's not entirely true. I did start watching the show because of Sutton, but I've stuck around because it's clever, sincere, and has fabulous costumes.

The fabulous costumes should come as no surprise. The costume designer is Patricia Fields, the very same Patricia Fields who costumed Sex and the City

But I've jumped ahead! Have you not seen Younger?! Here's a quick summary: Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40 year old mom from New Jersey is newly divorced. She moves into her friend Maggie's (Debi Mazar) loft, and attempts to go back into the work force. Unable to find a job, and after she's mistaken for being 26 at a bar, Maggie encourages Liza to lie about her age. Pretending to be 26, Liza quickly gets an assistant position in a publishing house. The rest of the series follows her as she attempts to keep her secret from her boss, her coworkers, and her new 26 year old boyfriend. 

Last night was the first episode of Season 5. To celebrate the return of more fabulous costumes and more Sutton Foster, I thought I'd try to emulate Liza's style. Though, spoiler alert, Sutton Foster is tall with legs for days, and I'm fairly short with a whole lot of hips... so it didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped.

Let's go!

Liza's Look (Click the photo if you'd like to watch Younger episodes!)

Liza's Look (Click the photo if you'd like to watch Younger episodes!)

THE EVENT: Geneva (best friend) and I attended a braid bar event, organized by Seattle Girl Bosses. Liza has lots of fun hairstyles in the show, so this felt like the perfect occasion to test out her look. 

THE BROKEN RULE: Women shop in the women's department. (That bomber jacket is from the Zara girls department!)

THE OUTFIT: My outfit was inspired by a specific Liza costume, pictured above.

My rendition was a bit different. I don't have thigh-high socks, and the weather was fairly warm, so I skipped the boots. Instead of the floral mini, I wore a tapestry-patterned pencil skirt and black T. I topped that with my teddy-sleeved bomber jacket. I finished the outfit with black flats that lace up the leg. 

It was a lot. 

THE EXPERIENCE: The day itself was fun! The braid that Cady of Braided Babes gave me made me feel like an elf from Lord of the Rings. (My braiding skills are basic, at best, and usually leave me feeling more like a hobbit.) The event was held in Woodland Park's Rose Garden, which I had no idea existed. It was lovely, it smelled lovely, and there were even baby rabbits!

After the event, Geneva and I went and got a late lunch, and then headed back to my house to ask Christian to take pictures of our braids. :)

THE CONCLUSION: This outfit did not make me feel very Liza-like. For one thing, the ties on the black flats would not stay up, despite my best efforts, so my shoes were constantly flapping around. The skirt + bomber combination managed to dwarf me but also widen me substantially all at the same time.

If I were to have a do-over, I'd go for a shorter A-line hemline and wear a bit of a heeled shoe, just to offset the width of the bomber jacket. Or perhaps, I'd choose a different Liza-costume to emulate all together...

Have you watched Younger?? Do you love it, too?! Which character's costumes would you want to emulate?

And, before we go, here's a photo of Sutton Foster and 18 year-old me taken at the stage door after a Young Frankenstein performance. I was so star-struck I was shaking and my mom had to talk for me. Thanks for taking the photo, Mom! :)

me and sutton.jpg
My attempt

My attempt


does bomber + mini dress = you? shop the look!


All photos of me in my Liza outfit were taken by the wonderful Mia Klaus. Check out her Instagram here

Braid by Cady of Braided Babes (Instagram here!)

Event put on by Seattle Girl Bosses (Instagram here!)

And here's my Instagram, too. :)

Until next time!