No Rules November - Week 3

Week Three.jpg

We’re officially past the No Rules November halfway point.

Do you remember the Mini Lab when I didn’t wear pants for a week? I am fearful that No Rules November is morphing into that experiment.

(Here’s a brief no-pants summary: I spent a week only wearing tights, skirts and dresses. I love tights, skirts and dresses, so I thought it would be fun. It wasn’t. It was winter. It rained everyday. By Thursday, I was ready to burn all of my tights in a garbage can in our backyard.)

No Rules November has to yet to inspire any arson, but, admittedly, I’m missing the other parts of the experiment. I have a Mini Labs idea that’s burning a hole in my pocket. My Inspired By list is now so long it practically drags on the floor. I also miss writing! When sharing 7 outfits at once, I aim to be concise. I can’t imagine many of you want to read my innermost thoughts and feelings for every, single, ensemble. (Nor do I really want to write them!)

However, as mentioned in my Saturn Return post, I’m a stubborn goat. (A Capricorn.) There’s no giving up now. I will power through to the rule-breaking end. (With a better outlook, hopefully!) I need to shake a few things up in the coming weeks: break some different rules, or discover some new new rules all together.

For those of you who have broken rules, what’s the experience been like for you? Are you loving it? Are you tired? Did you give up a week and a half ago? I’d love to commiserate or celebrate with you!

Here are my outfits from the past week. I’ll do my best to be brief!


Day 11


  1. Black is always best

  2. Don’t make your feet look any bigger than they already are.

Recently, while cleaning out my closet, I discovered that I had no decent sweaters. None.

I went a little hog-wild, bought several (including this one!), and let me tell you, having sweaters is amazing. I’m warm, but don’t look like I’m heading out for a jog. What a revelation!


Day 12

BROKEN RULE: Round faces shouldn’t wear high necklines.

I worked from home, so I wore this poncho-sweater less to break a rule, and more to be cozy. Nonetheless, it fits the rule-breaking bill.


DAY 13

BROKEN RULE: Pear-shaped women shouldn’t draw attention to their wide bottom halves.

This outfit went a little wonky. By the 13th, I realized I was mostly breaking the same rules over and over. I pulled on my plaid pants for some rule-breaking variety. Simultaneously, I felt the need to be drowned in material, so I wore a giant linen button-up shirt. I don’t think it worked…. I think I just ended up looking confused. (Or like I got dressed in the dark.)


Day 14


  1. Cropped pants only make short girls look shorter.

  2. Keep hats and scarves in similar color families or paired with other neutrals.

This second rule was an ACK I’M RUNNING LATE AND THE SCARF I NEED ISN’T HERE sort of revelation. Staring at our coat closet, I realized that I’ve always paired hats and scarves in matching colors, or one color and one neutral. Until that moment, I followed that rule unconsciously and never questioned it. On No Rules November Day 14, being crunched for time, I grabbed the green scarf to go with my blue hat, and oh man. I felt super jazzy and fun. (And yes, I am prematurely an old woman that says things like “I felt super jazzy and fun.”)

DAY 15



  1. Never match your eyeshadow to your outfit.

  2. Black is always best.

Long ago, a fashion magazine told me that matching your eyeshadow with your outfit was a major faux pas. For some reason, I listened and kept my eyeshadow and my outfit in separate color families. That changed on Day 15! I wore orange eyeshadow and an orange sweater, and ooh la la, I felt super firey.


DAY 16

BROKEN RULE: Black is always best.

All week, I’d been fighting off a cold and on Day 16, I finally lost the battle. I had an early work meeting, and this no-black outfit was the best that I could manage. I packed my breakfast in a thermos, sat huddled in my fleece, and nursed a face headache until 5:00 pm.

Day 17

On Day 17, I called in sick to No Rules November. Instead of breaking rules, I curled up on the couch in my sweats with tea, Izzy, and Sabrina on Netflix.

If you’ve made it this far in this post, and are still interested in No Rules November, you’re in luck! It’s not too late to jump in! I made a guide to create your own rule-breaking fashion experiment, and I’m quite proud of it! Sign up in the adjacent box, and get started on breaking your own fashion rules!

And now, I’m off. I have a few ideas percolating about how to shake up this week’s outfits!

Onwards and upwards, rule breakers!