No Rules November - Week 2


Forgive the lateness! Our weekend wasn’t at all what we expected, and my blogging schedule got thrown for a loop.

Week Two of No Rules November is in the books! Each of my rule-breaking outfits are below!

Day 4

BROKEN RULE: Only double-denim if your denims are decidedly different.

I wore this Canadian-tuxedo to breakfast with some friends. I ended up having an allergic reaction and spent the rest of the day in sweatpants, but for a brief few hours, I was all done up in denim.


day 7

By Day 7, I finally realized that my outfits of many layers were just making me uncomfortable. Instead, I turned my rule-breaking toward accessories.


  1. Really, Rebecca? You cannot pull off a (insert large accessory here). In this case, it’s the beret!

  2. Only double-denim if your denims are decidedly different.

I admit that this photo isn’t very descriptive of my outfit. I’d had a perpetually-late sort of Wednesday, hadn’t taken a photo by the evening, and my husband graciously took this picture in a movie theater lobby. (We saw Bohemian Rhapsody. I loved it!) I enjoyed wearing this hat more than I anticipated! I felt like it gave my subtle rule-breaking outfit extra pizazz!


Day 9

Finally, FINALLY Friday arrived. In celebration, I broke three rules!


  1. Heels are too much. This is Seattle, after all.

  2. Colors shouldn’t clash.

  3. Never wear anything too girlish.

With this turquoise sweater as a top in combination with a red skirt I felt a bit like a Christmas elf… but I also liked how the colors both clashed and coordinated, so I went with it.

day 10

Confession. I broke no rules. My excuse is somewhat decent! I had an audition with a required dress code. This required outfit wasn’t a rule-breaker, and once I got home Christian took me for vegan ice cream and I didn’t change. Disappointing, I know. :)

So, there it is! Week two is over and done! Have you been experimenting with your own fashion rules? Haven’t started? It’s not too late! Sign up to the right, and get my guide to construct your own rule-breaking experiment.

Determine your fashion rules, break them, and then share your outfits on Instagram! Tag those rule-breaking outfits with #norulesnovember or #cprulebreakers. You can also tag me, too! I’m @costumeparade. I check in with my outfit everyday on stories!

Now, I’m off! Have a lovely week, friends!

Izzy really wanted it to be known that she was there, too. :)

Izzy really wanted it to be known that she was there, too. :)

Day 5


  1. Round faces shouldn’t wear high necklines.

  2. Women shop in the women’s department. (This sweater is from the boy’s department.)

I loved the idea of this outfit. The very Monday-esque saying on the sweater in combination with the bowtie collar of the dress felt clever.

The idea was good, the actual outfit was horrible. The sweater kept pulling up the already short dress, and while I was out and about for work, I worried that my butt was out and about, too. I definitely won’t be repeating this one!

Day 6


  1. Black and navy blue don’t match.

  2. Round faces shouldn’t wear high necklines.

I bought this dress for a recent event, and I can’t get enough of it! However, layered with this turtleneck, it wasn’t my favorite combination. I spent the day feeling bunchy.


Day 8

BROKEN RULE: Hold your horses with all of that makeup!

This Thursday was painful. I was dragging, uninspired, and in need of a pick-me-up. In my past experiments, I’ve found that clothes don’t perk up my mood as well as makeup does. So, instead of a rule-breaking outfit, I slapped on some red lipstick and wore it all day.

(Previously, I experimented with red lipstick during the day for a whole week! Check out that post here.)