Character Study - November Favorites!


Links and Favorites Inspired By This Month's Broken Rules

It's that time again! (If you missed October's Character Study, check it out here!)

As I perused this month's posts, there was one rule that I broke over and over again: Round Faces Can't Wear High Necklines. In honor of my newfound love of turtlenecks, this edition of Character Study will be a bit different. Instead of one broken rule per link, each link or favorite will be inspired by an iconic turtleneck. (It's better than it sounds, I promise!!) 

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Funny Face)_02.jpg

Turtleneck 1: Audrey Hepburn's Turtleneck in Funny Face

I love this clip, and this movie! Though Audrey Hepburn's costume in this scene is basic (black turtleneck, black slim pants, and black loafers), it still makes me want to revert to my all-black wardrobe ways. (However, the rest of the costumes in this movie are beautiful and very colorful!)


Turtleneck 2: Severus Snape, Always in a Turtleneck

Undoubtedly, Snape's turtleneck is embedded with some sort of magic. Speaking of magic, (I know, I know...) one of my very favorite podcasts at the moment is Liz Gilbert's Magic Lessons. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. The podcast is an extension of Big Magic, and it's just the best. On each episode, Liz speaks with someone who's written to her about a creative challenge they're facing, Liz advises them, and then she calls one of her many fancy creative friends who also give advice on the subject. I found this podcast when I was feeling a bit vulnerable about acting, and it was invaluable. I binged both seasons, and have listened to many episodes multiple times. My favorites are: "Leap Into the Fire" featuring Martha Beck and "Know the Taste of Failure" featuring Michael Ian Black. 

Click here to check out Magic Lessons on iTunes. (And let me know what you think!!!)


Turtleneck 3: The You-Had-to-Know-This-Was-Coming Turtleneck of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs famously wore only turtlenecks and mom jeans. In honor of the Apple founder's turtleneck, I'm sharing a new favorite app. I found Enlight while on the hunt for a better photo editing option for my iPhone. Enlight has a lot of fun features that would take me hours to figure out on Photoshop. Here's an example - I turned this photo of Izzy and I into a drawing, but left Izzy as she was in reality:


I'll spare you too many more examples - most of them are just more pictures of Izzy. :)

Click here to check out Enlight on iTunes. 


More interested in turtlenecks than the stuff that I like?

Here are some turtleneck-devoted articles I enjoyed:

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See you on Friday for a week of Mini Labs!