Character Study - October Edition!


Links and Favorites Inspired By This Month's Broken Rules

I work from home most of the time, and sometimes, when it gets just a little too quiet, I'll play Youtube beauty tutorials. I'll set up the videos on my monitor and keep typing away on my laptop. They're just the right amount of noise without requiring too much of my attention.

I particularly enjoy a good monthly favorites video. I find it fascinating to see what other people like, and what's the internet for, if not for sharing? So, in honor of that, today's post is full of links and favorites inspired by the rules I broke this month! 

Rule #1: Whoa, hold your horses on all that makeup. 

While we're on the topic of Youtube beauty tutorials, one of my favorite beauty vloggers is Deepica Mutyala. There are a fair amount of Youtubers out there that take makeup VERY SERIOUSLY, and I appreciate that Deepica keeps it fun. When I need to add a little personality to my workday, her channel is usually the first one I check for new videos. 

Deepica also loves a bold lip, so I imagine she'd approve of my purple lipstick in the last post!


Rule #2: Black is Always Best

Christian and I love Trader Joes. We do most of our grocery shopping there, and when we can't,  we tend to mope about all of the TJ snacks that we're missing. My newest TJ's find are these Salt and Pepper Pistachios. I was never a fan of Salt and Pepper potato chips, but man, add some salt and (black) pepper to a pistachio and I'm sold!





Rule #3: Heels Are Too Much. This is Seattle, after all.

While roller skates aren't technically heels, they do add height, and this clip of Gene Kelly tap dancing in roller skates is sure to improve your day. (Or make you feel like a woefully inadequate performer like it does to me on occasion, but hopefully you're not like me!)




Rule #4: Never Wear Anything too Girlish

Last year, when I was doing character research for a female warrior role, I came across the website Rejected Princesses, and it is just the best. The tag line is, "Women too Awesome, Awful or Offbeat for Kids' Movies" and that really sums it up. Growing up, my favorite books were historical fiction with female protagonists, so this website is my jam! Each entry is thoroughly researched, and the author creates an unique illustration for each woman. Really, it's the best. There's now even a Rejected Princesses coffee table book, and I got it last weekend! Most of the entries are specific to the book, and I'm REALLY excited to work my way through it! 

Rule #5: Round Faces Shouldn't Wear High Necklines

I have started a tradition in our house that on every Halloween I force Christian to sit through my favorite Halloween video. (Today I took a little bit of extra glee in reminding him that now that we're engaged, he'll be watching this video every Halloween, forever.) It's a clip of Tim Curry in the made-for-TV movie, The Worst Witch and it's wonderfully horrible. How does this correlate to the broken rule? I'd say that cape Tim Curry's wearing is a pretty high neckline. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me. :)




Now, I'm off to prep for trick-or-treaters!!

Happy Halloween!!