DAY ONE. Finally.

I've had a few false starts with this experiment- a few days with grand ideas or outfits that never formed themselves cohesively into existence. Mostly because I'm the rare millennial that's horrible at selfies, and a million other excuses. 

But here we are now! The pictures still aren't great, and I'm still wildly unphotogenic, but the experiment has begun and I have proof!


Let's start with the basics: 

THE EVENT: I attended a play with my boyfriend, Christian.

THE BROKEN RULE: Heels are too much. This is Seattle, after all. 

THE OUTFIT: I have been loving the elaborate Grey-Gardens-esque moment fashion has been having, so when I received these embroidered booties from Stitch Fix I knew I couldn't say no to them. I tried- I argued with myself that I'd never wear heels that high, and it wasn't worth the investment, but eventually my better side won. (ALSO, THEY HAVE PADDING BUILT IN.) For Experiment Outfit Number One, I wore them with dark wash high-waisted denim, a black racer back tank and a black blazer. Not exactly leaning hard into that elaborate Grey-Gardens-esque feeling, but you have to start somewhere...

THE EXPERIENCE: I left feeling conflicted. Heels in Seattle make me nervous- like I'm trying too hard for attention, or there will be miles of grass everywhere I go and my heels and me will just sink down inside of it. I also felt like my outfit was a little plain other than the boots... so there's ridiculous inner turmoil for you. I felt pretty great about my hair and makeup, so I suppose that's a positive? 

We arrived, I ran inside to grab our tickets while Christian parked, and stood for about three minutes before I was approached by an usher who told me she loved my boots. I was pretty awkward about it, but thanked her for the compliment. Christian made it inside, and we took our seats next to my friend and director from a previous show. She expressed envy for the boots.... I recovered a bit less awkwardly this time. 

After the play was over, we met one of the actors in the lobby. She, too, loved the boots and my outfit. So much so that she took pictures of the boots so she could purchase them, too. 

We went for tapas after, no one approached me about my outfit, but the sangria was excellent.

THE CONCLUSION: So.............. at this point, I'm feeling pretty ridiculous about all of my dressing choices up until now. If wearing what I like garners this positive of an experience every time, what the hell have I been doing?! Let's go break some more rules!