We're Engaged!!


I am not often impressed by utilitarian-wear. I don't particularly care about the size of an item's pockets or its high-tech insulation system if I look like I doofus while wearing it. However, there's something about packing for travel that brings out my inner utilitarian. I'll pack frumpy shorts and boxy t's for their "versatility" and then, later, look at pictures and think, 'WHAT WAS I THINKING?'. So, when Christian told me he had planned a surprise long-weekend trip for us (!!!), I vowed that I would end the frumpy dad dressing. He told me that I should pack for a warm climate, so I pulled out all of my favorite summer combos and few really, really not utilitarian pieces, patted myself on the back, and headed for the airport. 

Once we arrived at the airport, Christian pulled my boarding pass out of the kiosk and told me we were going to.... HAWAII!!!! 

An example of the midi skirt + top formula. I love this skirt- it has stars on it!

An example of the midi skirt + top formula. I love this skirt- it has stars on it!


So, spoiler alert. I broke no rules on this trip, which means that this is my very first Control Group post. (Read more about the structure of the experiment here!) And, I promise, it's not as disappointing as it sounds. While I didn't break any rules outright, I didn't necessarily adhere to any of my rules either. 

Here's the breakdown:

THE EVENT: A surprise long-weekend trip to HAWAII!


THE OUTFIT(S): Before summer hit, I sat down with Anuschka Rees' book, The Curated Closet, and used it to plan out my hot weather wardrobe. I struggle with summer clothes (no layering!!!) and the plan laid out in the book really simplified my getting-dressed time this summer. To that end, when I packed for Hawaii I basically packed multiple outfits in the same formula (midi skirt + top) in similar color palettes, with a coordinating pair of shorts and a cotton dress thrown in for good measure. My inner-utilitarian crept out, and I didn't end up wearing the extra pieces I brought. For the weather, and for what we were doing, I stuck with my tried-and-true outfits.


More midi skirt + top (+ wind)

More midi skirt + top (+ wind)

THE EXPERIENCE: The experience was magical. At the lowest level, it was magical because I love heat, and surprises, and traveling with Christian, and I really needed a weekend away. At the highest level, it was magical because WE GOT ENGAGED!!!! On our first night, Christian surprised me with a sailboat cruise, and at sunset he braved the wind and got down on one knee and proposed! And at that point, it didn't matter that I wasn't breaking rules, or that my skirt was a little tighter than it used to be, or that I had still cankles from the flight over. I kept that attitude for the rest of the weekend, and it was perfect. I wore clothes that I was comfortable wearing, wouldn't hate to be photographed in, and if they were covered in sand, that would be just fine. And it was magic! 

THE CONCLUSION: I anticipated that my first Control Group post would be all about how much better my experiences were when breaking rules and, well, that backfired! I still do anticipate that my next Control Group post may follow those lines, but, this time, sticking to a tried and true wardrobe was really great. I realize that's a bit utilitarian... but maybe utilitarian (within reason!) isn't so bad after all.

I feel like I should close this by saying, "It wouldn't have mattered what I was wearing when he proposed!" but I know that's not true. I still would have been incredibly happy and excited if he had proposed when I was in sweatpants, but it was nice that in all the pictures I'm wearing that polka dot skirt that I really like. And I can't take the credit for that. Christian gently hinted before we left that evening that I should be a little fancier than beachwear, (he knows me well!) and I'm grateful that he did. 

So, now Costume Parade ventures into new territory! Wedding planning! Will I be a rule-breaking bride? Your guess is as good as mine.

Until next time, friends! Now, I'm off to watch Moana and daydream about Hawaii. :)